Ever since Kiwicado entered the export world, the focus has always centred around what our customers want, from the size and ripening requirements of avocados to timely delivery with bright and startling packaging to capture the eye of the marketplace.

Our customers know one thing, all the fruit comes from one orchard….OURS….so the quality is consistent throughout the pack, throughout the container load so when the fruit arrives in the marketplace the receivers know the fruit internal quality will be the same in each tray. Because we manage the inputs to give the best in quality throughout.

This means we can stand by our product from the tree to the consumer because we know what has been done to produce that fruit in the tray.

Our customers are varied from top end retailers like Indooropilly Fruit in Brisbane to the Coles Supermarket programme in Queensland. Our size range caters for all comers. We do concentrate on producing big fruit. And there is a a retail market out there for that big fruit. We package that big fruit carefully to protect the fruit from been damaged. We go that little bit extra to ensure our brand is received in top order.

Our customer base has been in Australia in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. However we are expanding our distribution to include China and Asia in future years.

Our team work hard to produce the fruit to travel to all parts of the globe and we trust our work that produces fruit that consumers enjoy eating.


Kiwicado avocado pallets in Murray Brother’s Wholesale centre, Brisbane
Kiwicado avocado pallets arriving at Murray Brother’s Wholesale centre
Displayed at Coles supermarket, Brisbane
Displayed at Coles supermarket, Brisbane
Displayed at Milton Fruit, Brisbane
Demonstration preparing guacamole
Kiwicado staff with customers
Indooroopilly Fruit
Brisbane Market
With Murray Brother Director