Together all at the Kiwicado Team have much to contribute to the path of avocados getting to satisfied customers around the world.

Foremost we look for good customers that understand the benefits of avocados and want a steady year around supply at a fair price. We achieve this through volume that when marketed is 100% return on the customers money. This is accomplished with attention to details that most exporters fail to recognize. Some avocados travel for 15 to 35 days in sea containers, so precise temperature and ripening gases are correct for that specific timeframe. Our experts have 40 years of experience and constantly review results. There is no “one size fits all” and we formulate each shipment differently. The avocados pass through many hands, from the picker, the trucker, the Packhouse and the port where the ships depart. Again, our experience is shipping avocados to the entire Pacific Rim. We insure that we do not jeopardize ourselves or the consumer. We also instruct and monitor the distributors and retail fruit handlers. Most of our retailers want both ripened fruit and hard green Hass fruit. When the client purchases avocados, they want one for today’s salad, tomorrows avocado on toast and some for the weekend party with guacamole and chips.

Now you may ask how we pick the grower that is supplying our avocados, first is we know him and his orchard, we advise him of how strict we are in selecting the best grown fruit. We avoid growers who do not have a highly regulated irrigation system, the lifestyle farmers are given little notice from Kiwicado, we deal with the well managed professional grower. That makes life easy for us and assures us that we are looking out for the retailer and consumer. The owners of Kiwicado have lived on an avocado grove for 42 years. Before that as a youngster I harvested avocados on other properties in the U.S., Growing avocados for export goes back to the 1970s and continues from new sources this year.

We have competed in Guacamole contest for years and have walked away many times as the champions. Cherie Lee’s recipes are included on this site, and we know you will please your friends and family with the tangy flavours.