Kiwicado Peru SAC was set up to create Kiwicado as a global brand. We recognised that the avocado has become one of the most sort after fruit lines demanded by consumers throughout the globe.

Peru is relatively new to the avocado world market but in such a short space of time they have impacted the marketplace. The climate and growing tools are all there; dry winter climate, with ample irrigation and harvest procedures protecting the fruit to be presented in the world marketplace are features of the Peruvian way.

We are marketing Peru fruit using the unique Peruvian style, the growers are very focussed on using their way to create high quality. In the sandy soils the ideal mix of fertigation in the water supply provides the fruit with the necessary ingredients of taste texture and flavour.

From the foothills of the Andes to the growing marketplace of Asia, the Kiwicado brand will provide all the right eating quality characteristics to meet consumer expectations. Using sophisticated CA shipping equipment we will ensure our fruit is received by our customers at optimum condition.

We will devote extra resources to improving the arrival results by employing consultants to measure the out turn success. This allows us to fine tune those shipments where the voyage times are extended out beyond 30 days.

All this shows our commitment to creating a brand backed up with technical expertise to provide these new markets with a fruit to their expectations.

Peru Orchards

The Huanchaco and Arato Orchard

The Huanchaco and Arato Orchard

The Avo Peru Beggie

Packaging Plant

Peru Product