We are proud of the fact that avocados are one of the highest ranked super food in the world. That quality is inherent in the fruit itself. Our objective is to get avocados to the consumer the HASS Avocado that grows in various benign climates around the world. That process is a delicate cooperation of the grower, the picking crew, the pack house, the shipper that handles the long voyages by sea container, the produce distributer and the retail store, the customers, and then home to the consumers.

When you slice into a Kiwicado HASS Avocado we expect you see nothing less that the best green pulp to delight your pallet. When that happens, we have completed our mission, and most likely that satisfied consumer will want a year around supply of this delicious slice of nutrition.

How do we do it, well it is attention to detail starting with the farmer and grove owner. The selection of the variety is paramount to shipping, and the Hass Avocado is the fruit that ships the best. The orchardist that strives for perfect irrigation that can deliver nutrients to the trees through irrigation generally has bigger and more uniform fruit. Logically our field representatives monitor the best managed groves in the most favourable climates of the world.

Once we select the source groves each year, we determine when that crop should be picked and packed immediately carefully avoiding exposure to heat. When placed into a shipping container we use state of the art Climate Atmosphere ( C.A. ) all the way to the retailer. Retailers bring avocados out of their coolers in a controller display that are sometimes bright green for consumption days down the road, or dark brown for meals in the next days. Go by the colour is the best test of an avocado, DON’T SQUEEZE THE AVOCADO it proves nothing and only hurts the other customers and the retailer. My personal technique that always works is remove the stem button at home and insert a toothpick, when it is easily pushed into the seed, you have a perfectly ripe HASS avocado.

Everything we have done with our unique HASS avocado is aimed at pleasing the consumer who we love since they know how valuable avocados are to their nutritional diet, that is often referred to as SUPER FOOD once reserved for royalty of the Inca.

Your family deserves the best of what you bring home from the retailer and into your kitchen. Snacking on slices of avocado for the adults, diced avocado for the highchair youngster, guacamole for the teenager (they call it GUAC), and to the conventional folks it enhances a salad or soup dramatically. Avocado toast, unquestionably it must be one of the best starters for breakfast, sliced or diced it is a dream come true. Ancient Central Americans even used it as a shampoo when the avocado became over ripe. My wife does a facial of avocado puree and our puppy dog loves to remove it at the end of the treatment. There are endless good uses for avocados and we just want you to enjoy the greatest fruit on earth anyway that puts a smile on your face.

The true test of a HASS avocado is the one that ends up at our back door from the grove, that is because our puppy with it’s super sense of smell finds a ground fall fruit that has reached maturity. That is a delivery service that is rewarded with only a portion of the avocado because we consume the rest ourselves. Our puppy is so proud of the delivery, once it disappears, off she goes to hunt of another HASS avocado. In our California HASS avocado groves, we know that those areas are scoured by Coyote packs every night. Those canines have the shiniest pelts you could ever believe.

Last thing you must have fun with is take the seed and let the kids sprout an avocado tree. Three toothpicks inserted into the seed and place it one quarter in top of a glass of water, soon a little tree is ready for planting.

Going back to eating HASS avocados and why are they so good, well quite simply it is the oil content of the fruit. Long before harvest we are waiting for an oil content the is approximately 24 per cent and then select those avocados for the long journey around the world. To me taste is everything and when that nutty flavour is there, with a sprinkle of garlic salt or pepper on a slice of avocado you are close to heaven. Mexican cuisine has now been a popular trend around the world for some time, I am sure there are more TACO SHOPS in California than all the hamburger chains put together, well playing catch-up, those hamburger joints are all offering extras like slices of avocado to dress up their out of date menus. Almost every Shushi roll that is sold in Japanese shops is widely known as a “California Roll”, so popular that it is the best seller in Japan where it was unknown in the 1980s. Yes, it adds flavor, but it greatly increases the nutritional benefits of the Japanese diet.

Have fun eating your avocado, it is the most enjoyment you can have with your clothes on.