Welcome to Kiwicado Exports

Matahui Road, Katikati, New Zealand




Where ever we grow or find the HASS avocados we ship to you from around the world, you can be sure we are delivering the best that can be found.

There are micro climates in New Zealand and Peru that give us optimum dry matter or oil content that drive the flavour and our team has a good eye for what grove blocks to select for our testing with our own equipment. Liana and Steven are the testers that we depend on.

Phil makes the final decision to get the ball rolling and well in advance of this timing Tony has contacted all our essential support services to be sure the fruit comes off of the trees and is expedited to the pack house near by our grove. We aim for minimum time from the harvesting and then into the cold storage prior to the grading and packing of the fruit.

We are blessed with state of the art transporting in containers that have a controlled atmosphere and experts that formulate the right mix of temperature and gases that preserve the fruit for the long haul to market.

This all takes place where everyone is pulling their own weight in concert with the whole operation. We do have the luxury of a port within one hours drive, but then again ships and port timing can be shifted on very short notice. We just adjust to everything that comes along with our talented and experienced team. Even with all this pressure, this is when the team really shines.

Most of the other growers don’t have the luxury of being their own exporter and don’t harvest to filling whole 40-foot sea containers that all comes from the same grove. Quality Control starts when you have hands on from a single source irrigated grove that is not dependent on seasonal rain patterns. There are times that our irrigation system is running continuously 24 hours a day for more than 90 days. What we create is a fruit that is under positive-growth and minimum stress.

Another asset that our New Zealand grove has benefitted from is the residence part of the staff going back eight years. The grove is outfitted with temperature monitors that warn of cold temperatures that can be warded off by the crew activating the irrigation system that distributes geothermal water at 23 degrees Celsius which generally is needed at 4am. Very few groves in the world have access to such a necessary system, but also a crew right there at the critical time.

As much as we do already, we are constantly looking for refinements that will deliver the best avocados to our valuable customers.

None of this is just by luck, it is 40 years of learning from my California grove and great guidance from the staff at UC Riverside that spent lots of time on our 100-acre operation. We would still be there growing HASS avocados if it were not for the high cost of operation and inadequate irrigation resources.